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Je Suis Très Embarrassé

This blog entry isn’t a rant about Ann Coulter and her inflammatory rhetoric. I am using her image as representation of all that is reprehensible about North America.

When I write about life in my tiny corner of the world, I often say “North America” rather than “America” or the “United States”. That’s because I am literally a citizen of the continent; I am American and Canadian. And I am somewhat obsessive when it comes to keeping up with events in both countries.

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Chemotherapy Leg Part 3

This essay was originally published on September 11, 2014.

Here I am for my third chemotherapy treatment; round three of the “Red Death”. Yesterday, after getting my blood work done, a physician’s assistant told me that if I was hoping my profound fatigue and other side effects were going to improve, I would be sorely disappointed. I normally appreciate it when people don’t bullshit me, but if there is anything I wish I could stick my head in the sand about, it’s this ordeal. Instead of noxious chemicals dripping into my bloodstream, I’d much prefer something along the lines of a rich Cabernet and a liquified Porterhouse steak. Then, the only side effects would be a bit of indigestion. But I’d feel damn good; of that I am sure.

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