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Breast Cancer Study Update

It’s Labor Day in North America, and I feel like I’ve been laboring in the name of cancer for far too long now. The thing is, once you start, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. As anyone who has had a diagnosis in his or her life will tell you, the thought of recurrence never leaves the mind, even when you’re given a clean bill of health. It’s an interesting fraternity to be a member of.

Those of you who followed my Noble Breast blog before I moved it here know that last winter, my medical oncologist asked me to participate in an experimental immunotherapy drug study to treat breast cancer. On September 3, I reached an important milestone in the study and I wanted to update everyone on my progress.

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My Eggo Is Not Preggo (I’m Not Pregnant)

This essay was originally published on May 3, 2015.

I had my second Herceptin treatment the other day, and I’m due to get my first “vaccine” injection in three weeks. So far, so good with Herceptin; no vile side effects with the exception of a slightly crusty nose, which isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was when I was getting Taxol. I hope it eventually goes away because someone, somewhere is going to catch me picking my nose.

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