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On Chase Utley and Ben Carson

There has been a lot of “post morphing” going on lately, meaning that whatever I start writing ends up morphing into something else. Here is another example.

Last Friday, October turned glorious for me. Not because I got all the pink ribbon bullshit out of my system, but because the confluence of baseball and hockey took place on a cool autumn evening, when I was able to turn on the television and watch two different sports at two different stages of their seasons. In baseball, it’s playoff time, and the New York Mets have not made a post-season appearance since 2006. For hockey, it is the dawn of a new season. The National Hockey League (NHL) is often ridiculed for having the shortest off-season of all the major North American professional sports, but if you’ve grown up a fan as I have, the stifling summer weather can’t end soon enough.

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