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Please Shut Up and Go Away


Yeah, we see you have a big rock, but it doesn’t draw enough attention away from your big, stupid mouth.

It’s been a particularly busy week in the assholery department, starting off with an unprecedented amount of ignorance towards Syrian refugees, and ending with a dumb blonde (let’s be completely honest here) attempting to convince the world that Charlie Sheen tried to give her AIDS.

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Chemotherapy Leg Part 4

This essay was originally published on September 25, 2014.

Well, I’ve reached the final dance with the “Red Death” and will move on to the drug Taxol in two weeks. There will be 12 weekly treatments of that to look forward to.

I’ve been told repeatedly that the road will get a lot smoother from here, but I’ve got a healthy amount of skepticism about that, considering that my overall health and well-being has gotten progressively worse over the past six weeks. It will be a pleasant surprise to not feel completely debilitated and sick, so I will do my best to maintain a positive outlook going forward.

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