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Picking Up Where I Left Off (Resurrection)

It’s been almost two years since I wrote at my old blog, Ink & Paint Creative Writing Services. I got to the point where I was exhausted by many of the political and cultural shenanigans taking place. I needed to stop because at the time (September 2013), I was so fed up with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), politicians – especially those who were tweeting photos of their “weiners”, the health care situation in the U.S., and the world’s favorite fascist pygmy, that I needed to put down my pencil and go silent. Well, now that I’ve got this new platform, it’s time to pick up the pencil and start scribbling again.

Welcome to the resurrection of Ink & Paint. Gird your loins and hold onto your knickers.

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Don’t Blog Angry

This essay was originally published on May 26, 2010.

If it wasn’t for all the online surfing I do, I sometimes think I’d have nothing to write about. How lame is that? At least give me credit for choosing relevant topics like celebrity milkshake-making and defunct, 20 year-old cartoons. I’m working my ass off to keep it interesting. Or maybe I’m not; I at least want my posts to appear interesting, instead of sounding like some of the bitter, angry, dirty laundry-airing I’ve run across lately.

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