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There’s A Lot I Can Say That I’m Not Gonna Say…

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One of my favorite characters in The Sopranos was unquestionably Aida Turturro‘s portrayal of Tony’s sister Janice. Their fictional relationship reminds me of my own relationship with my brother, but that’s a story for another time.

Someone recently asked me what was going on with my blog, and it struck me that I’ve been remiss in blogging for almost four full months. Let me tell you why: I started working full-time last May, and between freelancing for so long, and all the vile medical treatments I had to undergo post-cancer diagnosis, I was tired of pushing myself to write. Yes, some writers have to push themselves, and I count myself among those who do. I’ve also realized that for the time being, I don’t miss writing.

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know that I’ve been very vocal lately. I’ve taken an active anti-Trump stance, and at present, I am content to leave the heavy lifting to others. I will disseminate writing that I feel needs to be read, but for now, I will not be doing any of it myself. I’ve shoveled a lot of shit against a very strong tide for a long time now, and I need a break. For now, I am putting some long-dormant skills of mine to good use – for people who appreciate it – and to maintain a level of sanity I’d denied myself for too long. I no longer have to chase my income; it comes to me once a week without fail.

“Toodle-fucking-oo” for now. But remember, I will be back. And I will have lots to say.

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Welcome to My New Home!

Hello, Friends! has been in the works for a long time. Unfortunately, life got in the way for a while and I had to put it on the back burner. Now, as you can see, I am not just a person, I am a domain!

My vision for this site is to provide a home for the blogs I’ve maintained over the past few years, giving everyone the opportunity to read them in one convenient location. All you have to do is click  the links above to access the content. In addition, I want to share all the other projects I’m working on.

Buckle up, and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. It’s going to be fun!

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