Donald Trump Has Us All Distraught

I knew it was going to take a significant something to light a fire under my ass to get me blogging again. I’ve spent the last three months marinating in the American people’s decision to award Donald Trump the presidency, and watching seemingly everyone who swears they didn’t cast a vote for him become completely unhinged (myself included). Friends, family members, colleagues, online acquaintances, and even complete strangers find themselves at odds with each other over how the most unlikely candidate for the big chair is actually managing to sit in it.

Despite all the executive orders and other assorted stupidity, I wasn’t willing to add my voice to the void until the other day. I got into a rather heated exchange with a Facebook acquaintance over this New York TimesĀ article that depicted Trump as an isolated and troglodytic figure who wanders aimlessly through the White House, and sits in his bathrobe watching cable news programs. Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman, the authors of the piece, insist that their facts are accurate despite press secretary Sean Spicer’s insistence that Trump does not own a bathrobe. Who the hell doesn’t own a bathrobe? Anyway, this is what we’ve been reduced to.

The article further states that Trump does not have any friends. This lead me to declare on the Facebook post to which I attached the article that, “I almost feel sorry for him.” That statement, ladies and gents, brought out the vitriol with gusto. How could I possibly feel sorry for the man who has upended the lives of green card-holders and scrupulously vetted refugees? The man who is impossibly fixated on the size of the crowd that showed up for his inauguration? The man who has allowed himself to be lead around by his schvanshtooker by Leninist, anti-Semitic, white nationalist schlub who wants to tear down America so it can be re-built to his liking? Well, let me tell you.

In July, 2016, I published a post that outed my batshit-crazy Toronto aunt, Renee Karn. Crazy Renee is a malignant narcissist similar to Trump. I witnessed the same behavior patterns in her that I, and the world, see in him. I’ve admitted that I am inordinately bothered by Trump because he reminds me so much of her. True, I have a few pretty substantial beefs with the crazy woman, and none directly with Trump, but all the same, their behavior patterns are almost identical. She once upset me so badly that I told her via email I thought she was so pathetic that I felt sorry for her. And I meant it. And it infuriated her; the same way Trump becomes infuriated when the media prints things about him he insists are lies. While I truly do feel sorry for Renee Karn, because I know how much more fulfilling her life would be if she didn’t have a mile-long list of insane character flaws, I ALMOST feel sorry for Donald Trump because I don’t know the man personally. The difference should be obvious.

Now that I’ve provided a bit of background into why I feel the way I do, I hope those who took exception to my comment now understand why I made it. Normally, I do not seek out or participate in flame wars on social media. I understand that a certain segment of the American population is willing to give Trump a chance, but the vast majority of people I come into contact with want the guy gone by any means possible. Regardless of which side you land on, there are fringe elements on both that want undying loyalty to the cause. I understand that, but personal experience needs to be taken into account as well. This situation is unprecedented since we’ve never dealt with a malignant narcissist having power over all of us. Many narcissists can only manage inflicting themselves on small numbers of people. It’s rare to encounter one who is a true megalomaniac.

We all need to stay as sane as possible since we literally have no idea what mayhem Donald Trump and his posse of ignoramuses will cause. Instead of tearing each other down for making inane comments, let’s stick together, shall we? Reason needs to triumph over evil, and we need to fight with everything we’ve got.

Remember: A house divided cannot stand, and we need to be the strong foundation that will weather the the shit storm.

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