Please Shut Up and Go Away


Yeah, we see you have a big rock, but it doesn’t draw enough attention away from your big, stupid mouth.

It’s been a particularly busy week in the assholery department, starting off with an unprecedented amount of ignorance towards Syrian refugees, and ending with a dumb blonde (let’s be completely honest here) attempting to convince the world that Charlie Sheen tried to give her AIDS.

I’ve spent over a year mocking certain celebrities for disseminating misinformation about breast cancer, and Jenny McCarthy barely registered on my radar, because any sane, rational person knows she hasn’t got a clue when it comes to anything health-related. She has been the poster child for misrepresenting a link between childhood vaccinations and autism, to the point where she is responsible for the “anti-vaxxer” movement. It has now been proven that an oft-quoted study linking vaccinations to autism is bogus, but parents who claim to be “in the know” are still refusing to vaccinate their offspring thanks to her blathering on about it.

It amazes me how easily some people can be swayed by the torrent of celebrity culture to the point where famous people are bestowed with more credibility than medical professionals.  I mean, who can forget that Tom Cruise is an expert in the field of psychiatry for goodness sake? He knows good and goddamn well the entire field is a sham, and that any woman who takes antidepressants in an effort to treat postpartum depression is clearly insane. He said it on national television so it must be true.

Since Charlie Sheen announced his HIV-positive diagnosis the other day, Jenny McCarthy has been attempting to divert the world’s attention to her pea-brained theory that Hollywood has yet another double standard in place when it comes to health disclosures. She prattled on about having to let the world know she has “a herpe”, while Charlie Sheen was allowed to keep his HIV status under wraps. She played one of Sheen’s Two and a Half Men character’s many love interests for a few episodes, and keeps insisting that she needed to know about his medical status because she had physical contact with him. It turns out Sheen was not HIV positive when he worked with McCarthy, but she’s refusing to let it go.

We know so much more about HIV and AIDS now than we did 30 years ago. In fact, one of the first things we learned is that HIV cannot be transmitted through kissing. Yes, if you have an active cold sore on your lip and you kiss someone, you could likely afflict that person with an oral herpes virus. But, herpes and HIV are not the same thing. Still McCarthy insists on injecting herself into a story she is in no way involved in. Yes, Charlie Sheen has sent many people scurrying off to doctors for HIV testing, but you Jenny, are not one of those individuals. You are a B-list celebrity with a satellite radio show, and this has nothing whatsoever to do with you. You are one in a long line of attention whores looking for any reason to stay relevant. Guess what? Most people know you’re full of shit. Those who don’t deserve endless ridicule for giving credence to anything that comes out of your mouth.

Jenny, please shut up and go away. The world doesn’t need to hear you spew even more misinformation about something that in no way affects you. You’ve done enough damage in the autism community with your ludicrous distortion of medical facts, and your fictitious assertions about the dangers of vaccinations. You’ve just set society back a couple of decades with your bullshit insinuations about how HIV is transmitted. I’m sure you think you’re educating the masses, but what you are actually doing is showing the world how irretrievably daft you are. The only double-standard you need concern yourself with is your dubious definition of your own intelligence.


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