Donald Trump and Ann Coulter Are Ruining It For Everyone

I’ve been sitting on this blog post for a few days because I’ve been having a lot of difficulty trying to articulate how I feel about Donald Trump. I don’t like the guy, that’s a certainty, but to make comments about him in a tone that would make me sound like a bigger buffoon than he is wouldn’t satisfy my objective. It would feel good to call him a fucking asshole; a clueless moron; a scumbag; an embarrassment to America… Well, I just did. Now I can get down to business.

It was fairly evident during Wednesday’s debate that Trump seemed more than a little lost among the other candidates. The entire event was so painfully horrid that Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi tweeted that he hoped “there [were] a couple of frisky Reagan library staffers humping in the plane behind this farce”, referring to President Reagan’s Air Force One airplane posing as the backdrop.

What enhanced the farcical nature of the proceedings was that Trump had no idea what he was talking about when CNN moderator Jake Tapper lobbed up softball questions about foreign policy and other issues. Trump has finally reached the point where we can see the chinks in his faςade. The problem is, like any good bullshit artist, he refuses to admit his shortcomings and walk away. His utter cluelessness prompted me to tweet (to my 22 Twitter followers) that I thought Sarah Palin might be secretly advising him on foreign policy.

There comes a time when all good bullshitters must put down the bullhorn and walk away. I think Trump’s time has come. When the primaries commence in January, I don’t think his poll numbers will allow him to continue his campaign. True to his style, he will likely find ways to soldier on, because he will have plenty of his own money to throw away, and he will refuse to give up. We all know a good narcissistic bullshitter likes to go down in a blaze of glory, and screw as many people as possible as the wreckage smolders.

Ann Coulter, another narcissistic right wing stalwart, is attempting to stave off her own demise by ratcheting up the hate-speak. I don’t want to call it rhetoric because she does come across as a genuine hater, much like Trump. After the debate, she wondered how many “fucking Jews” in the United States actually care about America’s relationship with Israel, and that by repeatedly mentioning Israel, the candidates were pandering. Of course they were pandering. What else is there to do? Coulter was looking for ways to draw attention to herself by uttering phrases like “fucking Jews”, much like Trump was trying to be the big  bad bully by making negative comments about the physical appearances of fellow candidates Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul. Neither one will ever apologize for this behavior, particularly Coulter, who has carved out a very lucrative career playing the role of every liberal’s favorite bookyak (I draw the line at the “c” word). Their behavior is nothing more than a ruse to cover up the fact that they are at root, nothing more than D-list entertainers.

I must apologize for the fact that I can’t take credit for this conclusion. My revelation came courtesy of an article I found on the National Review Web site, of all places.

A part of me wants to believe that not everyone in the public eye is willing to whore themselves just for the sake of notoriety. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to make peace with the fact that the call to be a public servant has died a savage death at the hands of people like Trump and Coulter. One can no longer pass off an altruistic call to public service as coming from the goodness within. No, one must resort to whorish behavior to feed the narcissistic monster hidden in (almost) all of us. When Trump started rattling President Obama’s chain with his “birther” crap, we knew he reached a point where he was no longer satisfied with his persona. He was clearly tired of his “Apprentice” tenure when he referred to Mexicans as “rapists” during his campaign kick-off speech. He knew he was going to piss off his business partners, and he didn’t care, as long as the spotlight never wavered.

The same  goes for Coulter. The furor over her calling Al Gore a “faggot” and Jeb Bush a “retard” has long since died down, so she needed something new to bring herself back into focus. We “fucking Jews” were glad to serve as fodder.

Jim Geraghty, the author of the National Review article is right: they are nothing more than entertainers, and they will never apologize for the putrid filth that spews from their mouths. Even when they go away for a while, we can always be assured that something will allow them to resurface. Even when they are dead and buried, their hatred will survive to cement their ugly legacies.

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